Weber’s Heritage: For over 70 years, Weber has been the go-to brand for backyard barbecues. We pioneered the kettle grill and continue to innovate across charcoal, gas, electric, pellet grills, and smokers.

Your Perfect Grill Awaits: Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or just starting out, Weber has a grill to fit your needs and lifestyle. Choose from a wide range of fuel types, sizes, and features.

Endless Grilling Possibilities: Go beyond burgers and hot dogs. Weber grills let you sear steaks, roast vegetables, smoke ribs, and even bake pizzas. Explore Weber recipes section for endless inspiration.

Designed for Deliciousness: Weber’s durable and innovative grills are built to last. Porcelain-enameled finishes, high-BTU burners, and advanced heat distribution systems ensure perfect results every time.

A Gathering Place: More than just cooking food, Weber grills are about creating memories. Our grills are the centerpiece for backyard parties, family gatherings, and summer barbecues.

“At Weber, grilling is a passion that’s reflected in everything we do. Our goal is to share this passion and spark inspiration with the people who matter most – our grilling community. Weber Grills has been the world’s premiere manufacturer of charcoal and gas grills and accessories since 1952.”